Biopods are human-scale ecosystem modules, designed to remediate water quality, reintroduce vital fringe marshes into urban environments, and engage the public in citizen science.

What We Do

BIOPOD is an ecosystem services consultancy that is democratizing the creation and implementation of modular remediating wetland ecosystems by creating hyper-localized supply chains and social networks. We aim to lower the barrier of entry to wetland restoration by providing our customers with customized educational and instructional kits that enable them to construct, deploy, and study biopods tailor-made for their locales.

Engaging the community through hands-on activities to take charge of their water supplies. 

Our Mission

The BIOPOD system is a cutting-edge biodesign solution that combines the interests of human and more-than-human stakeholders. Each biopod is a modular and miniaturized ecosystem that provides essential services such as water purification and biodiversity restoration. Designed to seamlessly blend into various environments, biopods are adaptable to local ecological conditions, making them a sustainable and scalable solution for ecological restoration.

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